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Outdoor Advertising: Billboard Advertising

Most of us would rather watch a movie or TV rather than read a book or listen to talk radio. Sure, those media methods have their place but you can’t deny the visual tendencies we have as consumers. Therefore, billboard advertising takes advantage of that perfectly.

In case you don’t know what a “billboard advertising” is, go take a drive on your local metro freeway and you’ll see gigantic signs or ads on the side of the road. Those are billboards. Your audience is all those cars driving by, seeing a big sign sticking out of ground with your ad on it.

There are 2 main factors you need to consider when launching your billboard advertising campaign as a Realtor or agent…

The first factor is location and it goes hand in hand with price. Just like real estate, billboard advertising is all about location. High traffic billboards will cost more than low traffic billboards. That doesn’t mean you need to pick the expensive ones, you just need to be strategic in your decision making according to your budget and overall marketing arsenal.

As with most “term” advertising, the longer the contract you sign for your ad to show, the cheaper the monthly or quarterly price will be. This doesn’t mean I want you to sign a 12 year deal with the billboard advertising company.

Again, don’t make it look like everyone else out there. It may be a good idea to have a picture of yourself in the ad but you can also just put your logo. Whatever people associate with your “brand” is what you want in the ad.

So if you put your logo on all your marketing, put it in your billboard ad. If it’s just a headshot of yourself, put that in your billboard ad. Be consistent and be intentional with ALL of your marketing. I can’t tell you exactly what to put in your ad in terms of the sales copy, images, colors, etc.

Be strategic about where your billboard ad will be displayed. Make sure you know where it is, what kind of neighborhood or area it’s in, what kind of traffic will be driving by, etc. Not all billboards are “created equal” so do your homework and be wise.

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