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Successful Direct Marketing Methods

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

The most successful direct marketing method that you can take is through the use of a sales letter. Sales letters are perfect for physical mailing, or internet use. They are a direct sales conversation between one person and another. If you create it correctly, a sales letter can have a significant impact on your bottom line. Read on to find out more about successful direct marketing.

Your letter needs to have a impressive headline that will capture the customer’s attention. Not every sales letter out there needs a title, but for the most part, you will want something that poses a giant question in the mind of the reader. The headline should create a curiosity without giving away the whole offer, but it gives away enough so that the customer feels as if they should continue reading to answer it.

In the body of the letter you need to keep the attention of potential customers by providing them with bullet points and a compelling story about the product. In the bullet points you will need to make sure that you remove all of the skepticism from the buyer as much as you can.

The copy in your sales letter should slowly take the reader by the hand and bring them all the way to the order form. Writing letters in different than creating a novel, in the fact that with a sales letter you want the copy to disappear into the background. You are not writing to win any awards. You are just writing to sell more product or to get the person’s contact information.

The frequency that you mail your letter is critical. Mailing a letter just once will not have a very large impact. Some people need to be in contact with a marketing message up to 7 times before they will consider making a buying decision. It is much better to mail a very small list multiple times than it is to mail a giant list just once. Your customers are getting 4,000-8,000 marketing messages per day that they have to filter through, so you will really need to gain their attention with a relevant marketing message and repetition. each time you mail the letter it should be slightly different than the last. Never mail an exact copy of the letter over and over. Again, it just becomes part of the background noise.